What are the best longboards for beginners?

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For most beginners, it’s not easy finding the right longboard, especially when the market has already been saturated with countless products. Not to mention that there are many different factors to consider regarding your skating styles, skill level and so on.

Hence, as enthusiastic skateboarders, we’re prompted to deliver you the ultimate guide for selecting the best longboards for beginners. It’ll surely benefit you when choosing skateboards in the future.

Skating styles

types of longboard
types of longboard

Here you’ll know what types of longboard that are currently available and which one is suitable for you. And, we’ll get into details about the important factors when choosing them in the following articles.

Cruiser Skateboard

Like its name, a cruiser skateboard is designed to enhance its speed and maneuverability so you can quickly get to work, school, or your local grocery store instead of wasting time on red lights or traffic jams.

In additions, cruiser skateboards are quite flexible so you can also use it to perform tricks. This makes cruiser skateboard a popular choice among skaters.

Freeride Longboard

This is the type of longboard that most advanced skateboarder would use. They deliver impressive speed as well as being quite difficult to control. However, when you’ve mastered it, riding on other boards should be an easy task.

As a result, only pro skaters use these boards. A freeriding often involves making superb tricks and techniques while riding downhill. So make sure you’re relatively skillful before choosing this one.

Downhill Longboard

Did I say “impressive” speed at the previous article? This one will take it to the extreme. Downhill longboards are specially designed to deliver the maximum speed for skateboarders. You can reach the approximate speed of 50 mph and even more during a normal skating session.

With that being said, this style of skating isn’t for anyone. Only the most skillful boarders with an amazing passion for speed are capable of doing it.


The traditional skateboard material
The traditional skateboard material

There are many different materials that are used for making longboards. Here you will find the most common ones:


The traditional skateboard material has been used for many years due to its extreme durability and responsiveness. Most downhill skateboard decks are made of maple woods since they are rigid and quite reliable for high-speed experiences.

Still, the extreme hardness also makes maple wood decks relatively difficult to control, especially when making sharp turns in the city.


Introduced not long ago, bamboo decks are becoming more and more among skateboarders. Due to their flexible nature, bamboo makes a great material for cruising longboard. Not to mention that it is significantly lighter than maple woods.

The only drawback for bamboo boards is that they’re weaker compared to maple ones. It explains why bamboo is rarely chosen for making street skateboards.

Carbon Fiber

As a result of highly advanced technological innovations, boards that are made of carbon fiber is both stronger as well as lighter compared to the traditional materials. However, to compensate that, manufacturers must push their prices. Hence, boards that are made from carbon fiber can be significantly pricier compared to the others.

However, if it’s possible, we still recommend you to go for this type of board, simply because of their effectiveness. You can save lots of time (maybe prevent a few injuries) while practicing on these boards. There are reasons why most pro skateboarders prefer to use this type of board over the traditional ones.


the classic boards
the classic boards


With pointed rear end and larger wheels, pintail boards are suitable for urban and downhill skating. The broader design provides better stability for this longboard. They are also pushed higher off the ground delivering the feelings of surfing on the air.


Drop-through boards are designed to reduce the distance between the deck and the ground by allowing the bus plates to be mounted directly through the plate. This enhances stability and reliability while skating.


These boards come with a bend at the rear end like the classic boards. This increases its maneuverability as well as control when making sudden turns. The wheels are also larger and softer, giving them more speed and stability when cruising.


the measurement of the wheel sizes
the measurement of the wheel sizes


It’s the measurement of the wheel sizes. Wheels with larger diameters allow it to have a longer rotation, this contributes to the overall speed of your boards. However, better speed doesn’t always good for you, especially when you’re still new to skateboarding.

Hence, beginners who are still not familiar with the using of skateboards shouldn’t choose this type of wheels. In this case, smaller wheels with better stability and slower speed should be a reasonable choice.


The hardness of longboard wheels is measured using durometer with their value varied between 50 to 100A. Depending on your skating style, you can choose a suitable hardness.

For urban skating, soft wheels are preferred for their cushion and flexibility. As a result, you can easily perform difficult tricks on it.

However, for downhill skating, harder wheels should be the appropriate choice. They provide better resistance to the rough terrain as well as delivering a more stable experience.


The abnormal length
The abnormal length

Since these are longboards, their lengths are relatively higher than the standards. However, your boards shouldn’t be too long, especially when you’re a beginner. The abnormal length might make it difficult for controlling the board. Not to mention that if you’re a relatively short person, you will find it extremely to ride on the board.

As a result, your safe length should vary between 39 and 50 inches. It’s the medium length for a longboard, and what most skateboarder would choose. However, if you’re a tall skater and want a significant longer board, then longer boards might be a good choice. In additions, those who love dancing on their board are also suitable for these products.


The Warehouse Skateboards sells
The Warehouse Skateboards sells

These small but important components are essential on all skateboards. They’re little balls between the wheel shaft and the inner metal that are responsible for reducing the friction when turning.

Bearings are categorized by ABEC (the Annular Bearing Engineering Committee) into different ratings from 1 to 9. The higher the rating is the more speed it provides to your board. So depending on your needs, you should select the right ratings for your longboard.

Thanks for reading and we’ll see you in our future posts.