Is longboarding as dangerous as it looks?

Many people say that longboarding is the most challenging and dangerous type of skateboarding. Though, many people yearn for the sport, not only because of how cool it looks but also owing to the high demand for skills and maneuvering.

Besides, you can still play the sport safely if you have proper safety gear and practice enough. Look at the tips below to find out how to protect yourself on the way of mastering the brilliant motions.

Tips and Guide for Safe Longboarding

the most challenging and dangerous type of skateboarding
the most challenging and dangerous type of skateboarding

Start gradually from dancing

Dancing on a longboard is nothing new. You need to equip yourself with a long and flexible board because you will need to perform various movement while rolling on flat terrain or gliding down a slope.

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What are the best longboards for beginners?

For most beginners, it’s not easy finding the right longboard, especially when the market has already been saturated with countless products. Not to mention that there are many different factors to consider regarding your skating styles, skill level and so on.

Hence, as enthusiastic skateboarders, we’re prompted to deliver you the ultimate guide for selecting the best longboards for beginners. It’ll surely benefit you when choosing skateboards in the future.

Skating styles

types of longboard
types of longboard

Here you’ll know what types of longboard that are currently available and which one is suitable for you. And, we’ll get into details about the important factors when choosing them in the following articles.

Cruiser Skateboard

Like its name, a cruiser skateboard is designed to enhance its speed and maneuverability so you can quickly get to work, school, or your local grocery store instead of wasting time on red lights or traffic jams.

In additions, cruiser skateboards are quite flexible so you can also use it to perform tricks. This makes cruiser skateboard a popular choice among skaters.

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Which mistakes should a beginner avoid when skateboarding?

Let’s not make a complete fool out of ourselves by learning about the most commonly made mistakes that any skateboard beginners should avoid.

Skateboarding is a fun and rewarding sports activity, thus it’s always the number one choice for anyone who’re looking to do healthy sports while also learning a little bit about styles.

However, skateboarding can be relatively hard sometimes, especially when you have no clue of what you’re doing.

This typically happens due to the lack of the fundamentals of skateboarding. If you don’t do the fundamentals right, you’ll find yourself having a hard time learning the sport.

Hence, it’s our mission as veteran skaters to deliver you with the most comprehensive guides to help you in your skateboard journey. In this post, you’ll be learning about all the common mistakes that most beginners tend to run into when the first start skateboarding. Let’s ride.

Carrying your skateboard in shopping style

Carrying your skateboard in shopping style
Carrying your skateboard in shopping style

A weird carrying style that I see many beginners do with their board is to hold on the trucks. This gives me cringe every time. The reason you should do that is that it’s not efficient nor comfortable, and in some cases, you might even damage your trucks.

Instead, you should grab on the sides or the head of the board. This allows you to hold your board closer to the body, making it more comfortable to move around. Moreover, this way, your truck is untouched and you won’t accidentally damage it if you bump into something.

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