Should I get a kick scooter for college?

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When it comes to casual transportation, there are many different options for you to choose. That being said, considering all the important aspects and your personal preferences, getting a kick scooter might sound like the best choice.

However, if you’re still hesitating, let’s find out whether you should get a kick scooter for adults with our post.

Should You Get A Kick Scooter For College?

all the major advantages of having a kick scooter
all the major advantages of having a kick scooter

The advantages

Here you’ll find all the major advantages of having a kick scooter as a college student. See if they match your preferences.


This should be the first feature that you need to pay attention when selecting a personal mobility vehicle. And fortunately, most adult kick scooters come with the folding functionality. Hence, you can easily fold it up and carry your scooter with you to your classrooms.

In additions, you should look for scooters with a minimal construction to reduce the total weights as well as the sizes. The better portability, the more comfortable you’ll get when using adult scooters.

Easy to use

Another thing that makes scooter a popular vehicle is because of their user-friendly nature. You can have completely no previous experience with personal mobility, but still able to ride on your kick scooter like a champ.

This is mostly because of the simple controls on scooters, in which you’ll have the handlebar to maintain your balance as well as guiding the directions.

Good for short-range travels

Capable of traveling fast and have quick acceleration features, the scooter is one of the best vehicles for short-range travels. As a college student, you’ll need something that is both quick and convenient to get you to your next classes which could be quite far away. And the kick scooter is the perfect equipment for this kind of job.

Enjoy doing tricks

In additions, scooter users also develop their own tricks and skills which are quite fun and entertaining if you know them. As a result, you can use your scooter to learn tricks and make friends who also share the same interest.

The disadvantages

you might experience some difficulties
you might experience some difficulties

These drawbacks might make you reconsider your decision, so make sure you pay good attention.

Small decks

As it was designed with two large wheels in place, your scooter decks are usually quite small compared to that of skateboards. Hence, you won’t have enough space to comfortably placing your feet.

Not very comfortable

In additions, if you plan to travel long distances on your scooter, you might experience some difficulties. And the reasons being that you’ll have to stay in a fixed position for a long time, which is not good for your body. On top of that, you’ll need to make a lot of pushes and kicks to propel your scooter forward. This would cause a lot of fatigues and stresses.

Good Alternatives

 the adult kick scooter might not be a good option for you
the adult kick scooter might not be a good option for you

And if you think that the adult kick scooter might not be a good option for you, here you’ll find the great alternatives for college transportation.


The traditional vehicle is favored for its impressive comfort and functionality. That being said, you can ride on much faster speed compared to using the kick scooter, while remaining relatively relax. In additions, bikes also deliver better comfort for their users thanks to the convenient design. You’ll have the saddle to rest your upper body and prevent any pressure on the spine.

On top of that, cycling is also proven to be a more effective and complete exercise compared to riding kick scooter. You can take your bikes to the suburban for a throughout cycling session in the weekend.

However, the most common with bikes is that they’re too large to carry everywhere you go. Even with a foldable bike, it’s impossible to fit it inside your backpack like a scooter or skateboard.


Skateboard Shop Near Me The Best Skate Shops Near You
Skateboard Shop Near Me The Best Skate Shops Near You

This is probably everyone’s most favorite personal mobility vehicle. The skateboards have been around for decades and have developed into different styles suitable for certain purposes.

No matter what types of skateboard you’re using, you’ll find it extremely comfortable regardless of your preferences. That being said, you can use your skateboard for doing tricks, casual cruising, or daily commutes without any significant problem.

On top of that, most skateboards are relatively portable, so you can take it out for a ride and put it back your backpack at any time.

Still, many people are not fond of skateboarding. And the main reason is probably because of the difficulties. It’s not like the scooter which you can easily learn how to ride. Skaters would need a certain amount of time and put in a decent effort to familiarize with their new board.


What Are The Fastest Skateboard Wheels
What Are The Fastest Skateboard Wheels

And last but not least, we have the skates, with two common styles are the rollerblades and quad skates. This type of transportation, in my opinion, is probably the most convenient as well as a comfortable method of travel for college students.

That being said, you’ll have the shoes comfortably fit on your feet with most of its movement rely on your lower body. Hence, you’ll have your two hands completely free to do anything you want. On top of that, skates offer a whole new level of accessibility and functionality. You can travel at various speed and ride at any place as long as it is allowed.

In additions, the pieces of item also come with great portability. You can keep your skates in your bag or even wearing them on your classes like a normal pair of shoes.

However, you should keep in mind that you’ll need to put a lot of effort on learning how to skates on these shoes as it’s not easy. On top of that, every time you need to use it, you’ll have to spend time tighten up the shoes instead of immediately jumping on the board like skateboarding.

And that’s our opinions on whether you should get a kick scooter for colleges. If you think that the advantages are enough to compensate the drawbacks, you’re welcome to get yourself a kick scooter for college. However, if you’re still not satisfied, our suggestions for scooter alternatives might be helpful.

Either of which, hope you like our post. Thanks for reading and we’ll see you in our future posts.